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Register to Vote

 Make sure you're all set to vote before election day.

Already registered to vote in Iowa? Maybe not.

Thousands of Iowa Voters were purged in April of 2021. If you think you may have been one of them you can check your registration status at

If necessary, you may reactivate your voter status by submitting a voter registration form.

Need to register for the first time or update an existing registration?

If you are a first time voter, are new to Iowa, or need to update your address or name on a current registration, simply fill out and submit a Iowa Voter Registration form. You may do this online or by printing out and returning the completed form to your local county auditor. 

Voting Law Graphic 1.png

Learn how Iowa's new voting laws may affect you.

Significant changes were made to Iowa's voting laws in 2021. The time allowed for early voting was shortened, polls will now close an hour earlier, and you may be placed on the inactive voter list after missing just one general election.

You can learn more about how Iowa's voting law changes may affect you in this publication from the Iowa State Association of County Auditors.

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